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The HEARSIGHT Eyeband is the world s first 24X 7 portable device specially created to assist visually impaired people to handle everyday tasks without internet. It is an artificial intelligence aided smart reader that speaks or reads into the users ear through a wireless piece.

The HEARSIGHT eyeband was specially created for Visually Impaired Peoples. This device provides great support for working people and ambitious students.

  • Processor with cover. CPU < 180 gms
  • HeadBand
  • HEARSIGHT User Manual in Text and Braille
  • Carry Pouch and NeckStrap
  • Headphones
  • Charger with USB

01 Excel Reader
02 Document and PDF Reader
03 Bank Statement Reader
04 Newspaper Reader
05 Hand writing Reading
06 Regional Language Reader

It is a rechargeable battery which can work for 4 ~ 5 hours on a single charge and the product can be charged while using.

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